Alberto bought Old Orcutt Barber Shop on April of 2009 and since then he has fixed and created what he believes is a community barbershop.

Albert has been cutting hair for 23 years. He graduated from Santa Maria Beauty College in 2006. After graduating, Albert became an instructor for the Beauty College for 2 years. After years of teaching, Albert decided it was time to take his career in a different direction. In April of 2009, Albert came across Old Orcutt Barbers. He purchased and established what is now Old Orcutt Barber Shop. It has gone through a lot of physical changes but we believe that the heart and the soul of the traditional barbershop is still there.

Rudy started with Old Orcutt Barber Shop 3 years ago and from the begging he has always had the attitude to succeed. He is a young barber but don't let that few you what he lakes in age he sure makes up in skill, he is always on the look out for what the new styles are and he is always up to date on the new trends.  When it comes down to his hot towels shave there is no other his focuses is to make it the best experience that the client has ever had